The first U.S. submarine

By lakosm, on 2004. October 19. Tuesday 19:21

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The French Navy archives found out the United States of America, the first sub design. The USS Alligator in 1861-was made, but two years later sank. The remains has not been found.

The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Drawing

The American Civil War (1861-65) at the beginning of the Philadelphia Evening News led to a surprising news in one edition: "The police have arrested a 10-meter in the port, cigar-shaped object is sinking." According to the newspaper, the "infernal machine" is the before been caught in the Delaware River before it finally lost it. How-how does not, half a year later, in November 1861, the Southerners became aware that the North developed an underwater structure wonder, with the help of the invisible enemy ships can be strengthened bombs.

Vileroi design
After all, in Philadelphia 40 days, 14 thousand dollars, so 14 meters, aptly named baptized sub USS Alligator, the task is primarily intended to neutralize the dreaded south, armored ships, Virginia. 1862. water made available to the first day of May, the first and last master was Samuel Eakins. The first mission to destroy the Appomattox, the James River to a bridge. But when came to the mouth of the Alligator, it was found that the river is not deep enough, so there is a risk that the weapon can be seen from the shore, and so easy to destroy it - further - back to the port in Washington.

Captain Eakins

One of the reasons for failure of the individual they saw the captain, so Eakinst replaced. The new commander, Thomas O. Lieutenant Selfridge has promised that he - in the meantime prepared by Southerners - Die by the Virginia II. The new team, however, a huge failure. The Potomac River, the first road test is a technical problem: the weight of air rapidly into the "cigars", and the crew left the submarine-like panic. Selfridge and his team had resigned before Eakinst re-appointed as Commander of the Alligator. Meanwhile, the paddle-shaped screw propeller is replaced in shape, and the spring of 1863 Abraham Lincoln, U.S. President also visited a miracle weapon. The submarine results without painful career in 1863. April 2 was finished, when it embarked on the USS Sumpter from Washington enjoying the protection that make up Port Royal. The road, however, during a major storm is that the Alligator was not saved after the evacuation of staff and the Cape Hatteras somewhere near the left to fate, and sank. And why were found in the archives of a French drawings? Because of the "infernal machine" and his father out of the French origin was Brutus De Villeroy, who soon after the failure of the invention - the plans for you - can come back to homeland. The drawings found in today's submarine engineers will be analyzed, he will receive answers to questions as to what was the weak link in Villeroy idea.


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